Our core mission at Ignite Foodservice Solutions is to be a valuable asset to our customers. We believe that our success lives in the success of our customers. The way we stay focused on this core mission is to constantly look for new and interesting ways to help our customers find success. As a result we have developed into a rep firm that looks and acts differently than most. We offer an unusual set of services and capabilities that allow us to be more than just another rep to our clients, we are truly a partner in our customers success.

Ignite Foodservice Solutions has had the good fortune to have assembled a great group of professionals that are dedicated to the needs of our customers. We firmly believe that the difference between a great company and an average company can be defined by the people who represent it.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is focused at being a valued resource to our customers. Whether they are working to provide a dealer with an effective way to reach new prospects or working with an end user to find a solution to their problems, our people are there to help.

Here at Ignite we understand the value in having great tools. But more important than having great tools is how you use them. Like any good rep firm we have a well equipped test kitchen, but rather than it being a space that sits idle waiting for someone to use it, we look for ways to use this tool to bring in customers on a regular basis. There are many ways that our facility gets put to use, like our regular Lunch and Learn events, hosting focus groups for new chain restaurant concepts, planning and menu research, just to name a few.

In many ways we see ourselves as more of a Marketing and PR firm than a "traditional" rep firm. We believe that the role of a manufacturers representative allows us the unique opportunity to be an extension of the marketing arm of the factory as well as the dealer. We have found great success in this position, this has allowed us to increase our factories market awareness while offering our dealer partners additional marketing tools to keep their name in front of their customers.

We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest marketing tools and trends as well as using the tried and true methods. From e-mail blasts and printed newsletters, to the latest social media tools. We work to understand how to use these tools to their best effect.